Crowd Erupts With Laughter At Blake Shelton’s Hilarious Dig At Adam Levine

The Voice / YouTube

Blake’s a little bit country, and Adam’s a little bit rock and roll.

Since being cast as two of the original coaches on The Voice back in 2009, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have become America’s favorite bickering best friends.

In a promotional video for the hit singing series’ 14th season, things got heated between the hilarious best friends when newcomer Kelly Clarkson cracked a joke at the expense of the Maroon 5 front-man’s outfit.

“I love that Adam’s talking about confidence in that jacket and track pants right now,” said Clarkson.

Levine argued back that some people like the way he dresses, the rebuttal prompting Shelton to jump into the conversation, successfully ending it with a brutal burn.

“What are you wearin’?” asked Shelton while gesturing to Levine’s outfit. “You look like you shop at a garage sale.”

“I’m Jewish, they have great deals,” fired back Levine.

Watch the full outtake video below.