Bride Freaks Out When Luke Bryan Crashes Her Wedding

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While most newlyweds’ worst nightmare would be a rowdy guest crashing their wedding, we’re sure this bride and groom didn’t mind one bit when country singer Luke Bryan crashed their party!

In one surprise turn of events, Bryan crashed a Savannah wedding after filming an episode of American Idol in 2018.

“We’re going to go have some fun and crash a wedding,” Bryan says while walking toward the wedding reception. “Here we go!”

With a giant bottle of champagne in hand, Bryan walked proudly into the wedding reception, promptly greeted by the shocked bride and groom. He hysterically admitted,

“My wedding toast can’t be used on TV, so I might as well not do them.”

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Bryan then popped the bottle of champagne he brought as a gift for the lovely newlyweds and quickly began pouring out glasses to his fellow wedding guests. To get the party started, the DJ put on Bryan’s hit song “Country Girl,” the Idol judge hitting the dance floor to bust a move.

Not to worry – everyone from the newlyweds to the guests looked excited as ever and couldn’t stop dancing with the singer.

Youtube / Breaking Talents Showcases

This might just be the best wedding guest gift ever!

You can watch it all go down below!