Reba Cries During Emotional Call With New ACM Winner

Reba/Twitter, ACMAwards/Twitter

Reaching her own melting point, Reba McEntire broke down in a puddle of tears while calling up the first major ACM Winner and sharing the wonderful news with her.

Reba, who is not only nominated for an ACM Award herself but is also signed on as the host for this year’s award show – picked up the phone and called the New Female Vocalist of the Year winner.

Tweeting out this heart-rending video, the ACM Awards wrote that Reba had reached out to the winners this past weekend – but this was one that had everyone gushing tears of happiness.

The nearly three-minute-long video shows young Lauren Alaina sitting down on her tour bus at a table fixing to put on some makeup. She has a cell phone in front of her and is listening intently to the person on the other end.

“This is Reba McEntire,” Reba says on speakerphone. “I’m in Las Vegas and I’m calling you Lauren, to tell you that you have won the ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year.”

A wave of emotions cascades across Alaina’s face as she realizes what is happening. In a flash, she’s overcome with tears and covers her mouth in shock.

Hearing the emotions on the other end of the phone, Reba got choked up and said, “You’re gonna make me cry – now cut that out.”

You can hear the emotions in Reba’s voice and see the tears fall down Alaina’s face as the country legend encourages her, saying, “Honey, I’m so proud for you. Proud for you and Trisha both, you guys have worked so hard. This is what our business needs – more like you.” 

The news is amazing for both Alaina and her manager, Trisha McClanahan. They both thanked Reba and embraced in a sweet celebratory hug.

Watch this amazing full video below – try not to let the emotions get you!