Cyclists Get Thrown Off Bikes By Rampaging Bull

Cowboy State Daily / YouTube

A couple of cyclists out in California competing in a bike race got their butts handed to them after riding way too close to a big, bad territorial bull who was not in the best mood.

The bike race called, The Rock Cobbler Event, was held in Bakersfield, California and the organizers of the Bianchi-sponsored 80-mile off-road event certainly didn’t expect to have the race get interrupted by a rampaging bull.

Two videos were filmed of the bull charging and ramming two cyclists off their bikes who were attempting to get through trails. In both instances, the bull knocked the riders off their bikes and then returned a second time to throw them into the air.

Both riders experienced a bit of whiplash but fortunately, neither of them were seriously injured and continued on to finish the race.

One of the videos shared on Twitter shows a massive group of cyclists veering off the bike path due to the bull being on the path, however, one guy wasn’t thinking clearly about his own safety and surprisingly rode directly towards the bull.

The bull did not back down from the man’s approach and charged back at the man sending him off his bike, into the air. Watch that Twitter video below!

Horrified onlookers watched and can be heard in one of the videos shouting “oh s***” before trying to whistle the animal away from the injured cyclist.

The rider, Tony Inderbitzin, told Cowboy State Daily that he is sore from the incident but is very relieved the bull wandered, off instead of returning to inflict more damage.

“I’m sore all over, mostly the neck from the second throw, I got whiplashed,” he explained. “The list of what doesn’t hurt is my left arm and head. I was worried I would be sorer today, but pretty much the same as yesterday, so that’s a relief.”

Shortly after getting headbutted off his bike, Tony said a nearby competitor stopped to help and said, “He was in shock and not doing so hot. We chose to wait a while until Mr. Bull went on his way.”

Watch Tony’s Encounter With The Bull Below