Dale Jr. Reveals Who He Wants To Punch


Known as being one of NASCAR’s nicest drivers, the recently-returned star confessed that there is one person in the sport that he feels has the most “punchable” face!

According to USA Today’s For The Win column, the question of “Who has the most punchable face in NASCAR?” is its oldest and most-pondered mystery – but it sounds like that might have just been put to rest if you take Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s word for it!

Dale Jr., who recently made his return to the track for the 2017 Premier Cup season, was speaking with his co-host, Tyler Overstreet, about a recent interview with longtime NASCAR reporter Jeff Gluck. In the interview Dale Jr. got to name the very next question Gluck would ask the next person he sits down with.

Surely with a smile on his face, Dale Jr. told Gluck to ask them “Who has the most punchable face in NASCAR?” and apparently he was so taken with the question that he decided to answer it himself!

To truly answer the question, Dale Jr. first had to outline exactly what he believed a “punchable” face really was.

“A punchable face, in my opinion — and I think you might have a little bit different opinion because we’ve talked about this — a punchable face, to me, is just a face you look at and you want to really punch it,” He said.

But with so many faces and people involved in the great American sport of NASCAR, who do you think Dale Jr. chose as the person who appeared most punchable?

Well, as it turns out, this racing star chose someone he’s known for quite some time – his Nationwide No. 88 Chevrolet spotter, TJ Majors!

Majors has been on the team for a long time now and has become great friends with Dale Jr., so you might be wondering why he’d get picked as the chosen “punchable” one.

“You might like the person, you might like the guy,” Dale Jr. continued. “So my punchable face is probably TJ Majors.”

“I don’t want to hurt TJ. I like him – [he’s] one of my best friends, he was the best man in my wedding. But man, wouldn’t you just like to sock that face one time?! Wouldn’t you?”

During the podcast there’s a break right after Dale Jr. finishes saying that and the only thing you can hear is his co-host’s laughter.

“When TJ gives us crap and thinks his podcast is better than ours – that really gives me incentive to want to punch is face!” Dale Jr. added.  

Check out the podcast below – they start talking about the most punchable face at about 26:00!