Dancing Deejay Clears Dance Floor With “Footloose” Performance

Ramona Reed / YouTube

Line dancing fans, prepare to be amazed! A Louisiana-based deejay is taking line dancing to a whole new level.

Trevor Thompson, owner of Thompson’s Party Wagon DJ & Entertainment Services, is making a name for himself as a dancing deejay. A few years ago, Thompson became a viral star when a video of him dancing along to the infamous dance tune “Footloose” was posted online.

“Footloose,” originally released by Kenny Loggins in 1984, served as the main track on the soundtrack to the film of the same name. Actor Kevin Bacon was the first to dance to the iconic tune and it quickly became a party favorite. In 2011, the movie was remade and country star Blake Shelton recorded the title track, causing a resurgence in the song’s popularity.

In the video, Thompson hits the dance floor during a wedding reception and shows off his impressive moves with a beer in hand. Only one fellow dancer is brave enough to remain on the floor with Thompson as he dances circles around her….literally.

This guy sure can dance! And that’s not all – he also plays the accordion!

As Trevor Thompson, kicked, turned, clapped, and boogied, we found it almost impossible to sit still! Check out Thompson’s impressive dance moves in the video below!