Deadly Cobra On The Loose After Escaping NC Resident’s Home

CBS 17 / YouTube

Citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina have been put on high alert after a highly venomous zebra cobra snake escaped from a resident’s home.

Police blocked roads to the neighborhood and sent a warning to the community that the snake was loose after a woman called in reporting that she saw it on her backyard patio.

Authorities said the snake was reported being spotted on Tuesday around 5:10pm by the lady. However, when wildlife officers arrived on the scene to remove it, it was nowhere to be found.

That’s when officials set up up road blockers in attempts to keep people away from venturing into where they think the snake may still be slithering.

One bite from the cobra could be deadly for any human, and especially to small pets like cats and dogs. Officials recommended that runners and pet owners keep an eye out when venturing out into the neighborhood.

According to authorities, the zebra cobra belongs to a resident of the neighborhood who said that the reptile can spit venom and bite if cornered. So far, it is unclear if the owner will face charges for not keeping the animal contained.

North Carolina state law G.S. 14-417 states that, “It shall be unlawful for any person to own, possess, use, transport, or traffic in any venomous reptile that is not housed in a sturdy and secure enclosure. Enclosures shall be designed to be escape-proof, bite-proof, and have an operable lock.”

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