Deer Slams Into Moving Car While Dueling Another Deer

Going Viral / YouTube

Lander Esparza Zudaire was on walking in London’s Richmond Park when he filmed a video of a deer slamming into a vehicle on accident while it was fighting with another deer.

The video showed the two deer off to the side of the road locking antlers with one another trying to assert their dominance when one of them decided that he had enough and turned away to retreat.

The retreating deer takes off running in the other direction while trying to keep an eye on its opponent and when he turns around to look where he is going it is too late and the deer slams directly into a car driving down the road.

The impact sends the deer flying into the air which makes its opponent deer stop its pursuit and tuck-tail to take off running back the way it came.

The hit deer comes back down to the ground and without skipping a beat, starts chasing its opponent again to show all the lady deer in the area watching that he was the biggest and badest and they should all mate with him.

Onlookers gathered around to watch the pair were in a bit of shock but were also relieved that the deer only wanted to do battle with each other and not humans.

Watch Deer Battle Footage Below