Deer Spotted In Ocean 5 Miles From Shore, Rescued By Lobster Boat

Ren Dorr / Facebook

A man named Ren Dorr and his buddies were out lobster fishing off the coast of Maine when they spotted something a little unusual in the water.

No, it wasn’t that rare 1-in-50 million orange and black lobster that was found in the same area.

It was a deer! 

Dorr said they found the deer swimming a whole five miles off the shore and it was drifting further and further away. They rescued him by bringing him on the boat and sailed a half hour to the closest beach where they released him.

Dorr documented the whole ordeal on his personal Facebook account.

The Facebook post read, “Found this little guy 5 miles offshore today drifting farther away from land. Couldn’t let the poor guy suffer and drown so we brought him aboard and sailed him half hour to land and dropped him off on the beach! And sailed back out to haul!

Check out the full post below.