Man Stabbed To Death Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Instagram / Popeyes, Twitter / CBS News

A 28-year-old man is dead after a situation inside a Popeye’s location turned violent – all over their recently re-released chicken sandwich.

Popeye’s fast-food chain has made a viral comeback after demand for the fried chicken sandwich soared beyond levels expected when it was originally released earlier this year.

After running out of ingredients to make the sandwich, Popeye’s pulled it from the shelf – to customer’s great upset. On Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 – Popeye’s finally released the sandwich again at its chain of restaurants across the country.

Just one day later and a young Maryland man was killed in a brutal stabbing over the sandwich.

According to Fox 5 DC, the unidentified 28-year-old was stabbed while waiting in the specific “Chicken Sandwich” line inside the restaurant. At some point, another person cut in front of another person in the line – and the altercation then spilled out into the parking lot.

That’s when this man was stabbed and died just an hour later at a local hospital.

Popeye’s said in a statement: “We do not yet know whether this was the result of a dispute over one of our products or something unrelated, but there is no reason for someone to lose their life on a Monday night in a parking lot. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends and we are fully cooperating with local authorities.”

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