Deer Trapped In Metal Fence Gets Freed By Cops With A Car Jack

Graves County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

On March 7, 2020, Sgt. Dale Mason and Deputy Jamie Clark were riding around Craves County, Kentucky when they heard a call over the radio about a young buck stuck in between the metal bars of a fence.

Both officers responded to the call and drove out to the area northwest of Sedalia, Kentucky to help the deer. When they arrived on the scene they soon realized they were going to need special tools to release him. He was stuck in what appeared to be only a 4-inch gap.

One of the officers came up with the genius idea to use a car jack in his cruiser’s trunk to pry the bars apart. So while he did that the other officer held a blue towel over the deer’s eyes in order to keep him calm while the other officer cranked the jack.

Finally, they were able to bend the bars far enough apart to push the deer back through the side it came from. The young buck just laid there for a few minutes. The Graves County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook¬†“the deer was just suffering from exhaustion but appeared to be otherwise healthy.”

He could have possibly been there overnight since Friday they wrote. However, after just a few minutes later he jumped back up to his feet and took off into a wooded area nearby. Sheriff Jon Hayden thanked both Sgt. Mason and Deputy Clark for being the first to respond and safely handle the situation.

“Thank you to Sgt. Dale Mason and Deputy Jamie Clark for showing a little compassion and freeing the animal,” Sheriff Hayden wrote on Facebook.

This is not the first time law enforcement has been called in to rescue a deer stuck in the fence. Just three weeks ago the same thing happened but with this incident, the rescue mission was filmed by Jackson police officers in Mississippi. Take a look below at that video.

Watch Different Deer Get Rescued From Metal Fence Below