Details Surface In Tony Stewart’s Bizarre Stalking Case

Grant Halverson / Getty Images

The news comes just days after three felony charges of terroristic mischief, stalking, and intimidation by threats were lodged against a near-70-year-old woman by authorities in Florida after almost two full years of harassment.

The Cape Coral, Florida resident was first arrested on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 following an investigation led by the DEA in which she admitted to an agent that she had placed an enormous amount of phone calls to NASCAR star Tony Stewart and his family.

69-year-old Kathi Russell was charged after a probable cause affidavit was filed stating that she made more than 300 calls to Stewart, his mother, sister, and other business partners starting in March 2016. Allegedly, she would call them at all times of day and caused extensive anxiety and stress for the former race driver – especially on race days. In addition, he was forced to hire extra security because of the terrorizing nature of her actions.

According to ESPN, further details have surfaced regarding her arrest and detention. The report states that Russell has been booked into an Indiana jail with her bond set at $30,000. Court records show that she still remains in the jail and has been there since the time of her arrest.

The DEA was brought into the investigation when Russell allegedly phoned in a false tip that Stewart’s own plane was harboring illicit substances. After searching the plane upon landing, authorities deemed the tip as a ruse.

FOX59 reports that investigators claim that Russell made more than 300 separate calls from six different phone numbers and she took “significant steps” to conceal her identity – employing various computer programs and software to mask her phone number.

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