Dog Runs Into Field & Gives Carrot To Horse

Tina LeVoir-Jones / Facebook

A cool video has recently resurfaced on Facebook that showed the compassion a dog had for a horse by bringing it a treat.

“This is great! Watch closely. My friend has her dog bring a carrot out to her horse,” Tina LeVoir-Jones wrote on Facebook.

Tina LeVoir-Jones, the original person who posted the video in 2017, said that she was over at her friend’s house when she filmed it. The video starts off with her friend inside the house with the dog getting a carrot then they both come walking out the back door.

The dog takes off running across the yard and into the barn where it exits from there into a horse pasture. Moving along at a good pace, the dog runs up to a horse that’s grazing in the field and stands right in front of it holding the carrot up.

At first, the horse reaches back to scratch itself not realizing the delicious treat that awaits him. But the dog patiently waits for the horse to turn back around. When he does, he sees what his good buddy the dog has brought for him.

The horse happily takes the carrot and the dog runs back to the house as her mom yells“good girl.”  It’s impressive. Take a look for yourself in the the video below!