Dog The Bounty Hunter Shares Video Of Wife Beth Singing At Karaoke Bar

Twitter / MrsDogC

Just a day after the 66-year-old reality star and famous bounty hunter lost his beloved wife Beth Chapman to cancer, Duane “Dog” Chapman posted a sweet memory of her to share with fans.

Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth carved out their own niche in the world of reality television programming and have amassed quite the fan base. Even after their 8-year run on A&E came to a close, folks wanted to see more of this iconic pair in action, and CMT inked a spin-off deal with them for a series called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt!

But on June 22nd, 2019, Dog reached out to fans requesting they pray for Beth as she was struggling. Later, it was revealed she was put into a medically-induced coma.

Just days after that news broke and tributes flooded the internet in an outpouring of support for her, she passed away following an unexpected downturn in her battle with throat cancer.

After her tragic passing, many fans had reached out to Dog and asked him to share something folks may not have known about Beth – and he did just that.

Posting a video on Twitter, Dog shared that Beth could really sing – and clearly loved to do karaoke. In the clip, she can be seen having a great time with a big ol’ smile on her face and belting out one of Bruno Mars hip-hop/pop jams!

It’s so sweet to see moments like these and see just how truly happy Beth was. She will always be missed. Rest in peace, sweet angel.