“I Was Just Feeling Guilty” Dolly Confesses About Her “Cheating Song”


The iconic country bombshell opens up in a new interview about the love triangle that left such an impression on her that she crafted a song after it.

Her song, “Can’t Be That Wrong” was apparently written to address infidelity issues, and as USA Today reports, went through many revisions before she felt satisfied.

Happily married for more than 50 years, Dolly Parton has had a hand in writing some of the most recognizable songs in the history of music, and this upcoming album looks to be a shining example of her songwriting prowess.

“I wrote this song from true feelings,” she explains to the media outlet. “It’s about someone I know very well, who loved the person they had at home but they fell head over heels for someone else. This was so overwhelming that they were both just torn to pieces.”

While she saw this from an outsider’s perspective, the country legend says that she could tell their love was sincere, adding that whether the love is right or wrong, “you cannot stop it”.

During the drafting of her new tune, Dolly admits that she got to a point where she felt like too much was being said of the love triangle, and was too revealing.

“I rewrote ‘Can’t Be That Wrong’ a lot, I guess because it’s my cheatin’ song. Maybe I was just feeling guilty!” she laughed. “I was thinking, ‘I better get this right or somebody’s gonna think I’m (the one) screwing around!’”

“Can’t Be That Wrong” isn’t Dolly’s first foray into songs about love triangles and even has admitted herself that her legendary hit “Jolene” was penned after a red-headed bank teller tried to put the moves on her man while she was touring.

Marking the 43rd studio album for 70-year-old Dolly, her forthcoming record, Pure & Simple, will surely be a hit with country fans everywhere – and we can’t wait to hear this song she spent so much time working on!

Watch Dolly’s recording of “Can’t Be That Wrong” below and let us know what you think in the comments!