Doorbell Camera Captures Moment Woman Saves Neighbor From Choking To Death

KSDK News / YouTube

Florida man Billy Bass will be able to enjoy another steak thanks to the quick reaction of his neighbor. The middle school PE teacher was enjoying dinner last week when a piece of steak got stuck in his throat.

He immediately realized the severity of the situation and ran across the street to his neighbor’s house for help.

Karen Aranda answered the door and quickly realized something was wrong. After Bass motioned with his hand that he was choking, she sprang into action and performed the Heimlich Maneuver. Seconds later her neighbor of 13 years was breathing again and thanking her.

KSDK News / YouTube

Bass told news reporters later,

“I had steak, it was in a Crock-Pot all day, so it was tender…I was going to die because I had no breath, I couldn’t speak.”

When Aranda was questioned about the incident she replied,

“He’s always laughing but when I saw that look in his eyes, I knew something was wrong.”

Seconds later, Bass was able to talk again and tell his neighbor that he was okay. Thankful he survived without injury, he calls Aranda his “wonder woman.”

“I was shaken up, she was shaken up. We just hugged each other, embraced and I said ‘you saved my life’.”

Watch their interview and doorbell footage below.