Duane “Dog” Chapman Breaks Social Media Silence Over Death Of “Right Hand Man”

Duane Chapman / Twitter

The show Dog’s Most Wanted  lost one of their own at the age of 50.

Duane Chapman, who is also known by his nickname “Dog,” made a name for himself with multiple shows following his career as a county hunter. One of his many shows was called Dog’s Most Wanted, which ran on WGN in the fall of 2019.

The show starred Dog and his then-wife Beth (who passed away from cancer before the show aired), each of their ‘right hands,” then-married couple David and Rainy Robinson, as well as Dog and Beth’s children Leland, Cecily, and Dakota. Rounding out the cast were their security, who are former prize fighters, Sonny Westbrook and Kaleo Padilla.

Rainy and David were married in 1995 and in September 2020, they separated. They share two daughters and three grandchildren together. David remarried on May 22 this year to a woman named Brooke, who confirmed on her personal Facebook page on Thursday (Dec. 1) that her husband had suddenly passed away.

“My husband David John Robinson passed away suddenly at our home on November 30, 2022,” she wrote. “David was very healthy and was on a work call in our dining room when he collapsed. Life saving maneuvers were attempted and a paramedics were called. David died in my arms.”

She asked for “time and space to grieve the husband, father, brother, and friend that was lost.”

Brooke also shot down the “rumors” of a heart attack or stroke.

The first person to announce David’s passing, according to Brooke, was Rainy, who shared a photo of David with the caption, “11/2/72 – 11/30/22”

On December 2nd, Chapman broke his social media silence following David’s passing.

“I’m shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of my right hand man David Robinson. Rest in peace,” he wrote alongside a graphic that read, “Remembering.”

According to David’s obituary published on his wife’s Facebook page, a private funeral is being planned for friends and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.