Duck Hunter Shoots At Gator Coming At Home While He’s Wadding In Pond

Swamp N Stomp / YouTube

Danny from the YouTube channel Swamp N Stomp set out to film a video of himself duck hunting with his buddies when he ended up filming a gator trying to attack him.

The men were hunting on some southern Florida public land where the wildlife management said the area is well known for its high density of waterfowl, fish, and of course, American alligators.

Video footage showed Danny getting to a lake super early before the sun came out to set up his spot where he’d be shooting down multiple ducks as they flew down to land in a pond.

He got all set up and when the sun started to rise and light up the sky, ducks began to come and attempt to land at the watering hole. Danny shot a few and some of them landed in the water where he had to get his canoe and retrieve them.

Swamp N Stomp / YouTube

That’s when the alligator appeared and started to feast on one of the birds that dropped from the sky. As he tried to avoid the gator while he was wadding across the pond, that’s when the gator locked eyes on him and started coming after Danny.

“He manages to deter its deadly attack with a carefully placed shot right in front of its snout. He took this non-lethal approach because we have no intent on harming these beautiful creatures, and he felt there was enough time for a follow up shot if it did not work,” Swamp N Stomp wrote on YouTube.

Encountering alligators is sometimes a part of wading through the swamps, and Swamp N Stomp went on to say that you should always be aware of your surroundings. They also added you should always operate legally and pay very close attention to Florida law.

“In this case, the alligator posed an imminent threat to life or limb, and Florida law states that in such a scenario one can use any force necessary to prevent injury. We were lucky that this all played out well, do not think it will happen the same way everytime. Be safe out there and try to avoid a situation like this,” Swamp N Stomp wrote on YouTube.

Watch Footage Of The Gator Trying To Attack The Hunter Below