Snakes Fall Through Ceiling & Man Sweeps Them Out His Home

9 News Gold Coast / Facebook

Australia’s Channel 9 Gold Coast News released a video given to them by a local resident living in Burleigh Heads of two carpet pythons snakes that fell through the ceiling of his home.

Footage showed the fairly large snakes after they had already fallen through the ceiling and were wrapping around each other in a strange dancing sort of way.

The news channel said that they believed that the two snakes were male snakes who were competing for a female who they believed was still in the ceiling of the home.

“Holy s**t, they are enormous!” the man filming the video said as he watached the snakes dance.

He tried to get the attention of the snakes to get them of slither could of his apartment, however, all the snakes wanted to do is focusing on wrestling each other.

9 News Gold Coast / Facebook

The news report said that it is springtime in Australia, therefore mating season for the reptiles and the snakes were not interested in stopping their battle for the female.

After a while, the homeowner eventually got tired of the snakes and started sweeping them out of his home with a broom. He managed to push the snakes all the way through the house, through the garage, and onto the driveway where the snakes continued to wrestle each other.

Wildlife experts say this freaky phenomenon is called a breeding ball and is actually common as the weather warms us in Australia. One expert says that he has seen as many as 17 snakes in a ball wresting to get a female.

Watch Foorate Of The Massive Snakes Below