‘Dude Perfect’ Star Tyler Toney Can Sing, Covers Blake Shelton’s “Austin”

Tyler Toney/Blake Shelton/Instagram

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve likely heard of Dude Perfect…a group of five friends who found internet fame doing trick shots and stunts. It should come as no surprise that the talents of the guys in the group extend far beyond their crazy YouTube antics.

Case in point….Tyler Toney. Seen as the group’s leader despite being the youngest member, Toney has some serious singing skills. Fans can find videos on social media of the father of 3 singing interspersed among clips and photos of him fishing, hunting, enjoying quality time with his family, and behind-the-scenes Dude Perfect peeks.

Perhaps one of our favorite videos from Tyler was posted Monday (September 7) of his stunning cover of Blake Shelton’s “Austin.” Toney may not have brag-worthy mullet like Blake did when the song was released in 2001, but his singing skills are good enough to give the Voice coach a run for his money.

“File this under Top 10 songs of all time that give you goosebumps. Maybe not performed by me but certainly when you hear @blakeshelton sing it,” Toney captioned the video. Give it a listen below!