Eddie Montgomery Reveals Future For Montgomery Gentry

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Just a couple months after the tragic death of band member Troy Gentry, his former partner and close friend has revealed what he plans to do with the band now that one of the founding members is gone.

Eddie Montgomery recently opened up in an interview with People Magazine about how the passing of his “brother” has affected him and what that means for their future and the music they had worked on leading up to that fateful September day.

Just under a week before Gentry’s death, both he and Montgomery were in the studio finalizing parts of Montgomery Gentry‘s upcoming album, Here’s To You. Because of how close they were to the end of the project, almost immediately after Gentry passed, Montgomery had the first single, “Better Me,” issued to radio.

“It was a horrific day,” Montgomery said recalling the day of Gentry’s death. “My world changed as much as the band did. It’s something that you never get over. It’s going to be in my mind and my soul for the rest of my life.”

Since his close friend and bandmate’s death, he’s had time to reflect and sort out what he is going to be doing with the band – and his answer is one that would make Gentry proud!

“Me and T, we’ve known each other longer than we’ve known our wives,” Montgomery told the publication. “Nashville didn’t put this duo together, we did. We were friends before we were ever in the music business.

“I’ve never done anything else but play music. It’s all I’ve ever known.”

It was after he spoke with Vince Gill at a memorial concert in Gentry’s honor that helped solidify the decision for the band’s future.

“He told me: ‘Man, don’t shut down on us. The best way to keep Troy alive is to keep going.’

“He was more than just a singer,” Montgomery said of Gentry. “He was a brother, and he was always there. As far as I’m concerned, we’re still making music together.”

Now, Montgomery has revealed that he will be touring under the Montgomery Gentry name as a solo act to promote their final album together – a choice that has the country music community applauding his strength and resilience.

Watch the video for their fist single, “Better Me” below and be sure to snag their album when it comes out on February 2nd, 2018.