Ellen Makes Luke Bryan Play “Oops My Water Broke” And You Will Die Laughing


When you find out exactly whose water broke…you’ll be rolling on the floor!

Ellen and Luke Bryan have been great friends for years, but what makes their relationship super special is that they can torture one another with practical jokes and absurd games while laughing together all the way through it!

Ellen’s latest visit from Luke is no different!

Unveiling her newest game, Ellen shows Luke to his seat below a huge pile of water balloons held back with just a few plastic rods. Hilariously titled “Oops! My Water Broke”, this game pits Ellen against a fan while they remove the rods trying not to let all the balloons fall on Luke.

The winner is declared when one of the two pulls the rod that drops the remainder of them on the country star! It’s similar to Jenga, but with a wet twist!


One of Luke’s diehard fans had excitedly volunteered for the challenge and giggled every time a balloon slipped passed the rods and plopped on his head! (Ellen didn’t hold back any laughter either.)

Check out this amusing game below to see who wins!
(And of course, to see Luke get splashed with a bunch of water balloons!)