Elvis’ Ex Recalls The Moment She Had To Save Him From Drowning In His Soup

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In a flash, she realized that he was unconscious and desperately needed help before he died in a shallow pool of broth and noodles.

Elvis Presley, known worldwide for his breaking down barriers with his moves and music, was later known by many of his close friends and family as someone who battled with extreme dieting and prescription medications.

Tragically, his longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson, once was faced with the horrifying reality that his drug abuse dieting had taken a very scary, but very real, turn.

Throughout the duration of her nearly five-year relationship with The King, Thompson watched as he lost grip of his health and struggled even harder with prescription pills and ludicrous diets – one of which had him sedated, almost constantly, for weeks.


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In her 2016 book called ‘A Little Thing Called Life’, Thompson relives the horrific moment in which she had to rescue the iconic singer from certain death.


She had just walked into the room when she discovered Presley so drugged up that he had lost consciousness and passed out face-down in a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Heart racing, and filled with panic, she did the only thing she could thing of to save his life.

“Whatever he took besides the Placidyl for sleeping had hit him hard and fast. I shouted to wake him up, but he was completely passed out,” she writes in an excerpt exclusively published by People.

Terrified, I jumped onto the bed. As I held his head up by his hair, he had chicken soup and noodles all over his face. I started to clean his throat, literally pulling out chunks of food.

Surely this moment stands out in her life as one of the most haunting, but it was just a short time later that she would experience the heartbreak of his death in August 1977.