Luke Bryan Helps Bring 2 Fans Together For Touching Adoption Surprise

Carrie Cardis Gregory / Facebook

Luke Bryan has been known to connect with fans while on stage in various ways. Whether it’s inviting kids up on stage to sing, or helping pull off proposals, Bryan is a country star who obviously loves interacting with his fans.

During the middle of his concert on July 16, 2021, in Hartford Connecticut, Bryan helped unite a family and the emotional moment was captured on camera.

After spotting a fan holding up a t-shirt for him, Bryan took the shirt and unfolded it while reading what it said to the thousands of fans in front of him.

“It says, ‘Hey Luke, I want to adopt my stepson Michael. Can you help me ask him?'” Bryan read into the microphone while holding up the shirt for the entire audience to see. He looks down into the front row to find the father-son duo, handing off the microphone to the man who’d given him the shirt so the audience could hear the young boy’s response.

Carrie Cardis Gregory / Facebook

The crowd cheered for the two of them while the stage camera showed their reaction. Both of them were overcome with joy creating a truly special moment. The young boy was speechless and had an enormous smile just before crying tears of joy.

“That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever watched right there, y’all,” Bryan told the crowd. “Michael, you got a good dude standing right there behind you, buddy. That’s awesome. Congratulations, y’all.”

Watch the incredibly sweet moment in the video below.