Ever Heard Of ‘World Famous’ Chicken Drop? This Country Singer Shows Bizarre Footage

RandyHouser / Instagram

While vacationing in Belize, country singer Randy Houser participated in a game called Chicken Drop, and documented it all on his Instagram story for his 315,000+ fans to see.

If you’re asking yourself, “What in the heck is Chicken Drop?” don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. According to GloboTreks, Chicken Drop is a “world famous” game that is a fun tradition in San Pedro, Belize. Basically, you bet on a number between 1-100, where you hope the chicken will poop.

Wherever the chicken poops is the winning number and the winner can take home up to $100! But, prior to the winner collecting their money, they must clean up the poop on their number.

Because of its popularity, there are different rounds, so when it’s your round, you make your way to the ring to cheer for the chicken. A volunteer is chosen to place the chicken in the ring.

Traditionally, this volunteer yells, “Chicken security, bring me my chicken!” This person seemed to be a friend of Houser’s, so we got an up close and personal shot of him getting the chicken ready for the drop. Before he can drop the chicken into the ring, the volunteer must blow into the chicken’s rear – it’s tradition!

During Houser’s round, he was yelling, “49! 49!” trying to tell the chicken to go poop on his square, but it ended up pooping on the line in between 81 and 82, prompting the singer to say, “It’s a splitter shitter!”

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