Chris Lane Swaps Faces With Other Stars For Impressions

Chris Lane / Instagram

Over the course of the past few years, Chris Lane has shown he has what it takes to make it as a country star. His 2014 single “Broken Windshield View” was his first to chart. From that point, he had nowhere to go but up. 

Just a year later, Lane scored his first-ever number one hit when his single “Fix” topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart. He followed up with another big hit, “For Her,” which reached the tenth spot on the Country Airplay chart.

Lane’s talents and songs caught the attention of some major names in country music. Because of this, he was invited to perform as an opening act for superstar artists such as Rascal Flatts and Kenny Chesney.

After hanging around with them on tour, it was basically fate that Lane would get to know Chesney and the Rascal Flatts guys pretty well. A series of videos he shared on his Instagram Story proves that he may know them even better than you’d think.

Using the face-swap feature on his phone, Lane copied the faces of other famous country stars on top of his own. He started off with Tim McGraw, and for added effect, was lip-syncing to his hit song “Don’t Take the Girl.”

Chris Lane / Instagram

We’ve seen some pretty awful face swaps before, but the Lane/McGraw mashup was practically flawless. Lane’s lip-syncing was just as good, resulting in a top-notch impersonation of McGraw.

But Lane didn’t end it there. He also swapped faces with his former tourmates. Since he couldn’t swap faces with all of the Rascal Flatts guys, he transformed into the group’s lead singer Gary LeVox.

Chris Lane / Instagram

Just like he did with McGraw, Lane perfectly mimicked LeVox, all while lip-syncing to Rascal Flatts’ “Prayin’ for Daylight.”

Kenny Chesney was Lane’s third and final subject he swapped faces with. While the match between their faces wasn’t as good as the previous two, Lane’s lip-syncing to “I Go Back” was still on point.

Chris Lane / Instagram

You can check out all of Lane’s impressions in the clip below. Be sure to follow his Instagram @iamchrislane to see what else he’s up to!