Experts Warn Of 1600-Pound Shark Circling Off Florida Coast

OCEARCH / Facebook

OSEARCH, a nonprofit organization that monitors the great white shark populations in the ocean just released some new intel that a 1,600-pound shark was pinged swimming near the coastlines of Florida.

Marine biologists with the organization track the sharks by catching them, tagging them, and releasing them back into the ocean.

When tagged sharks swim up to the surface of the water, they let off a ping transmitting a signal to OSEARCH so they know exactly where the sharks are at.

OSEARCH said that they currently have over 74 sharks tagged with an electronic chip to track their whereabouts in the sea and the massive 1,600-pound shark recently pinged off the coast of Florida was a shark named Scot.

According to KAKE, the organization says, “Great white sharks are central to the functioning of ecosystems and the maintenance of biodiversity.”

Authorities say there is a slim chance of coming in contact with a great white due to the fact that they are not on the endangered species list yet, but are right above that rating with population numbers very low.

However, they do recommend Spring Breakers still keep an eye out for them because there are still around 10 people per year killed from shark attacks.

Authorities added that the sharks migrate closer to the shoreline during the spring and summer so now is the time to be on the lookout.

Watch Footage Of Great White In Hawaii Below