Family Feuds With Landlord Over Snakes Falling Through Ceiling

@BlissZechman / Twitter

A wild and crazy story comes out of Lafayette, Georgia about a family getting into a feud with their landlord over a leaking roof and snakes falling through their ceiling.

According to Hary Pugliese, he and his wife Susan, and their 13-year-old daughter, moved into the home on East Villanow Street in LaFayette back in January. At the time, they were told the home was in fine working condition, however, one month later, they discovered their roof was leaking.

The family said they contacted the landlord, John Stafford to fix the problem but he told them he didn’t have the money to fix it. Reporters reached out to John to speak to him about all this and he disputed the tenants’ claims saying that he fixed the leak over two months ago.

The Pugliese family said they’ve contacted him “20, 30, 40 times” to tell him that the leaking problem still wasn’t fixed. Due to nothing being done and the wet conditions, snakes have now moved into the home and can be heard crawling throughout in the ceiling.

Snakes have been seen falling through the holes in the ceiling that have formed due to the leak and weight of the reptiles.

Bliss Zechman from NewsChannel 9 visited the home to see the snakes for herself and filmed them slithering down from in the ceiling. She said since then, the family has moved out of the home because they couldn’t sleep with them moving in the ceiling.

“I’m dreaming that a snake is going to fall on me. I can’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep last night, because of the snakes,” the family told NewsChannel 9.

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