Fans Baffled When Miley Cyrus Joins Billy Idol For Hard-Rocking “Rebel Yell”

Denise Truscello/Wireimage via

Storming the stage at this weekend’s iHeart Radio Festival, the former Disney star appeared on stage next to iconic rock legend, Billy Idol for a performance that stunned the audience!

Known for her incredible skill as a vocalist, Miley Cyrus has often covered classic music from all genres, and usually receives massive fanfare as her talent shines during these performances, but her latest co-op performance received mixed reviews from hardcore rock fans.

Undeniably, Miley and Billy Idol did a killer job reviving this unforgettable hit song, and the crowd was cheering them on the whole time, but various outlets who posted the video online had a swarm of comments that varied in opinion.

Dressed up in an all-black leather outfit, Miley paid homage to Billy with some bedazzled bellbottoms that had his name on each leg, and she even wore sunglasses bearing his iconic name.

Truly, this is a performance that will go down in rock history, and it’s a great performance from both artists that kept the lifeblood of the crowd surging.

What do you think of their pairing? Check it out in the video below and let us know in the comments!