Trisha Yearwood Stops Garth Brooks Mid-Show To Deliver Monumental News

The Music Universe YouTube Channel

Country music legend, now history maker, Garth Brooks has been performing since the 80s, securing his dedicated fanbase and skyrocketing sales. While artists are continuously awarded for their impressive album responses in regards to sales, Brooks has just put an additional award under his southern belt buckle, essentially making history in the music world. The Diamond Award, an incredibly prestigious award, is rarely given to artists; only who have sold an outrageous 10 million records, deeming their achievement beyond gold and platinum labels.

The Beatles, known to all, have secured an unbeatable 6 Diamond Awards, holding the title for the most acquired of all time! However, Brooks is clearly not a wallflower artist, seeing that he has successfully earned himself a whopping seven Diamond Awards, snagging the title from the British group and making history! 

With news of this caliber, it was only appropriate for the love of his life, country music star Trisha Yearwood, to break the monumental news to her husband during a live performance! Brooks, in sheer disbelief, dropped his guitar strap and made his emotional rounds to his band, friends, and lastly his ride or die wife! The two shared a romantic kiss on stage to seal the moment and later took to the backstage to celebrate with a very messy, but much deserved, dowsing of champagne! Although those in the champagne spray zone were equipped with heavy duty eye protection, we can assure you there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! 


Congratulations to the country legend on making history! You can watch Yearwood’s emotional surprise below!