Farm Magician Performs Chicken-Themed Trick For His Hens

Alex Huang / Facebook

Alex Huang, a resident of Rolling Hills Estates in Los Angeles County, California entertains his followers on Facebook with hilarious and cool magic tricks.

“What should I do to keep myself entertained today?” He wrote on Facebook. “I know!!! Sunday episode of Magic Time in the Backyard with Raggedy Andy and the Chicks of Rolling Hills Estates!”

Alex Huang / Facebook

In his latest video posted on July 26th, 2020, Alex is wearing a “Raggedy Andy” costume with country music playing in the background and he’s surrounded by chickens on a chicken farm. With the power of a magic word, Alex transformed egg yolk in a pan with chicken feed in it into three adorable chicks.

The video has gotten a lot of attention on social media so far with over 150 likes, 43 comments, and 4 shares in less than 24 hours. It is not the first time Alex videos reach a high number of views and comments.

Alex posted his first video in August 2018 before becoming more active and shared 10 more videos this year in 2020. His shows are usually filmed with the Rolling Hills Estates in the background and chickens often play a unique role in the image he conveys in the shows.

He’s definitely got a unique act that amuses his followers. In one of his videos posted in April 2020, Alex poured soda in a glass without touching the glass or the soda bottle! His tricks are beginning to make a buzz.

“Love your videos. Look forward to more! Keep us all smiling”, said Steven De Vore.

“Thanks for sharing; makes me smile!!! Love the magic & the chickens!” Deborah Cobb Jenkins commented.

“You should start a YouTube page my nephew loves these. Keep them videos coming!!!!!” Jorge Galeno shared.

In each of his videos, Alex charms the viewers with his presence and mastered magic tricks. So far, Alex has posted 11 videos on his Facebook page and at this point, many of his followers suggest he should lunch a Youtube Channel.

Got watch more of Alex Huang’s videos by clicking here!