First 99-Packs Of PBR Beer In U.S. Sell Out Within Hours

photo credit: Instagram / katelandstratti / amellzzzz

99-Packs Of PBR Beer Now Available in U.S.

For the first time in the history of the United States, PBR beer company is selling limited edition, family packs of beers that come with 99 cans in a seven-foot-long box.


It’s not a joke. It’s real. However, at the moment the massive box of beers are only available in Mankato, Minnesota at MGM Wine. According to Wide Open Eats, the 99-pack was first released in 2017 and only available in Quebec, Canada.

However, this year (2019) marks the first year they’re being sold in the United States. The very first day they were available in stores people rushed to get their hands on a pack, though many were met with disappointment. They sold out within a matter of hours.

The 99-Pack Is Coming To Other States Soon

Some stores even started raffling them off to people because so many people showed up to buy them at the same time. We understand why too. It’s an incredible deal, you save a lot of money buying this. The average cost for a can of beer in the U.S. goes for $0.92 and the 99-pack sells for $59.99, which when you do the math is only $0.61 per can!

According to, PBR plans to start selling the pack in 14 other states than Minnesota. The other states will be Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

If you live in one of those states then, lucky you! There hasn’t been an official announcement of when the 99-pack will be available in each of those states but hopefully, they will let us know soon because this would make a great looking present underneath the Christmas tree.