Marie Osmond Confesses She “Got Tricked” Into Revealing Donny’s Role On “Masked Singer”

YouTube / Access, Getty Images / Fox, Getty Images / David Livingston

The second season of Fox’s hit “Who Sung It” celebrity singing competition is off to an incredible start this year! Following the raging success of the inaugural season’s performers, the show has recruited some great voices for the new round of singers…but some are much harder to guess this time.

Sitting down for a recent episode of daytime panel show The Talk, Marie Osmond welcomed Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly, as she talked about her time on The Masked Singer as “Ladybug.”

Osbourne’s mom, Sharon, is also a panelist on The Talk and is one of the longest-standing faces for the show! New this season was Marie Osmond, and the fresh perspective is drawing a whole group of new viewers!

If you recall, last year Marie’s brother and longtime show partner Donny Osmond made waves with his powerful songs under the guise of the Peacock mask. But, his identity wasn’t kept as secretive as Kelly Osbourne’s.

When asked how many people knew that she would be on the show, Kelly revealed that it was just her mom, Sharon, brother Jack, and her best friend Daniel. Admittedly, she says, she couldn’t tell her dad because “it would be like telling the town crier.”

“Ok, so Kelly, I got tricked into revealing The Peacock…and he was so mad! But, did you tell anyone in your family? I know you have to sign things that say you won’t tell people,” Marie admitted as she directed her question to Kelly.

“It’s the scariest contract I’ve ever signed in my life,” Kelly said before explaining why she didn’t tell dad, Ozzy.

During Donny’s run on The Masked Singer season one, Marie got caught up in an interview and accidentally revealed that The Peacock was, in fact, her brother!

In a January 2019 interview with Access Live, Marie talked about both of her brothers’ recent surgeries (including Donny’s shoulder) and spoke candidly about her and Donny ending their Vegas residency.

The hosts commented on Donny’s assumed performance saying, “He’s great as the Peacock! Is he the Peacock?”

“We started [performing] the same year – he was five, I was three,” Marie said in response to the host’s question about his age-related clue.

“Was he friends with Michael Jackson? That’s one of the clues he gave away,” the hosts asked Marie.

“I know! I told him, I said ‘Why are you giving away such easy clues?'” Marie responded without a beat before the hosts started cheering.

A brief pause and a few seconds later, Marie started backtracking and saying she “doesn’t know” if he’s the Peacock.

As it turned out….YES, Donny was The Peacock – and he wasn’t too pleased that his sister spilled the beans on live TV!

Check out Marie’s flub below along with the clip from The Talk with Kelly Osbourne.