Flight Passengers Sing To WWII Veteran Celebrating 100th Birthday

Reuters / YouTube

The passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight made a World War II veteran’s 100th birthday a little extra special.

The veteran was traveling with Honor Flight Nevada, an organization that helps veterans visit memorials devoted to their military service. The man arrived on board with a t-shirt that read “Team Charlie.” The shirt also revealed that the veteran was celebrating a milestone! Charlie had lived through an entire century, which is not something many people can say.


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For the man’s 100th birthday, the passengers on board the flight all sang to Charlie in a touching video. While some of the passengers stumbled over Charlie’s name, the song’s intent was well received. Afterward, the travelers held up their hands to the plane’s reading lights to imitate candles.

“Alright, Charlie, you have to blow out the candles!” a staff member directed the veteran.

Hilariously, some of the passengers did not drop their hands when the veteran pretended to blow out his birthday candles.

“You missed some in the back!” the staff member encouraged, playing along with the skit.

Reuters / YouTube

The Southwest flight certainly made Charlie’s day a little sweeter. Watch the touching birthday moment unfold in the video below.