Florida Georgia Line Goes Vintage In Video About Sweet & ‘Simple’ Love Story

FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO / YouTube

Florida Georgia Line Keeps Things “Simple”

Back in May, Florida Georgia Line sent their fans into a frenzy when they wiped their entire Instagram account clean. In the days that followed, the duo started posting old-fashioned looking images along with lines such as “It’s just that simple.”

It soon became obvious that the duo was teasing something big, but no one knew what for a while. Finally, Florida Georgia Line revealed that had a new single ready to share, titled “Simple.”

The track is quite the departure from Florida Georgia Line’s other material, as it leans a bit more on traditional sound. Seems fitting, considering that the track is all about a love that’s “simple as can be.

A New Music Video Makes Its Debut

A month after its release, “Simple” is one of the hottest songs in country music right now. It’s already managed to sneak into the Top 5 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

We’re sure the song will shoot even higher up the chart following the release of its brand-new music video on Thursday (June 28). At long last, we know where those teaser Instagram images from  May come from…this video!

Like the song itself, the video captures a “simple” love story, and does so in the sweetest way.

Flashing Back To The Past

The music video opens with an old man sitting in a living room with one of his grandsons, who is quiet as he listens to music through his headphones. Suddenly, another grandson enters the room with a giant lightbulb in his hand, which he apparently found while digging around in the old barn.

The sight of the lightbulb sparks a memory in the grandfather’s mind. Gathering his grandsons around, he says that he has a story to tell them about their grandmother.

That’s when the video takes on a vintage feeling, as it flashes back in the past to show an old-fashioned garden party. It’s during that party that the much younger grandfather catches the eye of the woman who would one day become his wife.

A Pure And “Simple” Love Story

As soon as the two young lovers set eyes on each other, they can’t be parted. While they’re dressed in simpler clothes than anyone else (it can be assumed they work for the hosts of the party), they don’t let anything stop them from enjoying the festivities.

Well, that is until the girl accidentally runs into a server while dancing, spilling a whole bunch of wine all over the ground. The couple runs off together after that, and end up cutting a rug at a hoppin’ barn dance.

During the party, the man takes his love outside to show her a field he filled with lights just for her. Amazed by the sight, the woman wraps him up in an embrace and the two share a tender kiss.

Like how the couple in the clip fell head over heels for each other, you’re sure to fall in love with the old-fashioned video for “Simple.” Check it out below.