Footage Reveals How “Yellowstone” Cliffhanger Came To Be

Paramount Network / YouTube

There are many contributing factors that make Paramount’s show Yellowstone one of the biggest hit dramas to have ever been aired. From a talented cast, amazing production, and insanely gorgeous landscapes, the show is a visual masterpiece.

Contributing to the show is its impressively large special effects department. In a recent video posted by Yellowstone, fans are given a behind-the-scenes peek inside a giant warehouse where the show’s special effects department works their magic.

The warehouse has a full manufacturing setup, where the crew can make almost anything they need for the show.

Special effects supervisor Garry Elmendorf gives a tour of the shop and even explains how they use certain equipment – including how they created the explosion that ended Season 3 in a cliffhanger and left viewers wondering whether Beth Dutton is alive or dead.


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Elmendorf explained that when they don’t want to use pyrotechnics, they can get basically the same effect of an explosion or gunshots with an air mortar (pictured below.)

Paramount Network / YouTube

An air mortar is a device consisting of pressurized air or gas forced through a tube to create a bursting or splattering effect. They used air mortar for the explosion in Beth’s office along with dust and debris scattered throughout the room.

Watch the video below to see how they did it!