For First Time Ever, Scotty McCreery Sings ‘Five More Minutes’ On Live TV

Fox & Friends

When Scotty McCreery first performed “Five More Minutes” on the Opry stage in June 2016, fans felt an instant connection. The Opry’s video of McCreery’s performance went viral, and after a year, has generated nearly three million views.

For the longest time, that Opry video, a few other videos, and McCreery’s live concert performances were the only places fans could go to hear “Five More Minutes.” That’s because during that entire time, the song was never released as a single. But after seeing how well fans responded to the song, McCreery knew he had to release it.

A little less than a year after his memorable Opry performance, McCreery officially released “Five More Minutes” as a single on May 5. Fans proved their passion for the song by sending it all the way to the second spot on the country single iTunes charts on the day of its release. The song also broke into the top ten on the iTunes all-genre single chart that day, reaching the ninth spot.

Since then, “Five More Minutes” has earned over 1.2 million streams on Spotify. The song has made its way on the Country Airplay chart, and as of press time has secured the 57th spot.

We have a feeling “Five More Minutes” will start climbing even higher up the charts following McCreery’s special performance of it on Fox & Friends on Friday (June 2). The performance was a milestone for McCreery, since it marked the first time he ever sang “Five More Minutes” on live television.

As always, McCreery gave his performance of “Five More Minutes” his absolute all. He poured so much emotion into each word that the crowd couldn’t help but watch in complete amazement.

You’re also sure to be amazed once you watch McCreery’s Fox & Friends performance of “Five More Minutes” in the video below. When you’re done, be sure to show your support for McCreery and “Five More Minutes” by downloading the song here!