Former Radio Host Who Introduced Us To Patsy Cline Passes Away

Patsy Cline has become a household name since blazing her way through the charts of country music and successfully becoming a continuing influence for singers of various generations. According to online site, it was Cline’s bold move that essentially landed her on a local radio show, thus assisting in her recognition and immense success. It was her courageous choice of knocking on local radio feature “Joltin” Jim McCoy’s window, insisting that he let her sing on his show. Impressed with her tenacity, McCoy agreed and Cline became a regular act on his airing show.

McCoy was once a performer himself, often performing in segments on radio stations; a gig that took him to various states and provided for a wide variety of sites and experiences.

McCoy sadly passed away on September 7 in West Virginia. He was 87. 

Despite the loss of this country music influence, we are humbled knowing that McCoy and Cline are most likely reunited above and picking up on the music they last left off with. Rest in peace, Jim McCoy. 

You can enjoy McCoy’s musical gift below.