Garth Brooks Breaks Silence On Police Shootings – I’m In Tears!

Facebook/Garth Brooks

It was something that couldn’t wait to be said any longer and once the words spilled out of his heart, everyone watching was surely overcome with emotions.

Garth Brooks has long been a public figure that a vast number of people in the country community look up to, and he’s always taken that role with pride and done his best to create a positive culture.

On Thursday night (July 7th), a gunman descended upon a downtown Dallas protest, shooting 12 police officers – killing five of them before he himself was killed by a police robot carrying a bomb.

During a pre-show video series he’s been doing called “Opening Night Live” the country superstar answered questions from fans live on air. When he was presented with a question regarding the Dallas police shooting, his raw, emotional response came straight from the heart and had a message for everyone.

“During the press conference today, and everywhere, everyone’s saying, ‘How are you gonna respond to Dallas?'” Brooks began. “We’re gonna respond to Dallas the same way we’re gonna respond to Orlando, the same way we’re gonna respond to Paris…”

The fan had expressed a heartfelt desire to hear him sing “People Loving People” from his most recent album, Man Against Machine.

“It’s all us, people. Never stop loving,” Brooks continued. “As much as you want to, as much as you want to hate … don’t do it, man, ’cause then they win. Never stop loving. That’s what we’re gonna preach tonight, and hopefully everyone’s gonna see people loving people.”

Additionally, he expressed the same sentiment once he got on stage, too.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Brooks dedicated that night’s performance of “People Loving People” to Dallas and reminded everyone that “we’ve got to love one another”.