Garth Brooks Moves Fan To Tears With The Gift Of A Lifetime

Jeremy Larson / Facebook

Garth Brooks is no stranger to surprising his fans at concerts. He has performed a special song for a pregnant fan, invited people on stage, and given others some unforgettable gifts. But one of our all-time favorite fan encounters was between Brooks and a young man named Jeremy Larson.

Larson attended one of Brooks’ recent concerts, and was lucky enough to snag some tickets close to the stage. In hopes of catching the country star’s attention, Larson crafted a special sign to let him know how much he had influenced him.

It turns out that Larson is a musician himself, and he learned how to play guitar by listening to Brooks’ music. This is what he drew Brooks’ attention to with his sign, which read “You are the reason I play guitar.

As Larson had hoped, Brooks caught a glimpse of the sign and wanted to know more about it. He asked Larson what kind of guitar he played, and Larson responded that he played the same type that Brooks was playing on stage at that moment.

Brooks then asked to see Larson’s sign, which had pictures of him playing guitar on the back. Once Brooks looked at the photos, he realized that the guitar Larson was playing wasn’t quite like the one he had.

That’s when Brooks stunned everyone by taking off his guitar strap and tossing his guitar out in the crowd to his devoted fan. To say that Larson was thrilled would be an understandment. He was so touched by the gesture that he instantly teared up as soon as he had the guitar in his arms.

But Brooks had even more in store for his faithful fan. After a little bit of the hype died down, Brooks treated Larson to a performance of one of his older tunes, titled “Which One of Them.” It turns out that the song was one of the first that Larson had ever learned how to play.

The person filming Larson’s special moment with Brooks moved to show Larson during the performance. With tears still in his eyes, Larson could be seen strumming along to the song on the guitar that Brooks had just given to him.

You can watch Larson’s incredible interaction with Brooks in the video below. We’re sure he will treasure this moment for the rest of his life.