Garth Brooks Recruits Randy Travis For 2017 “Forever And Ever, Amen” Duet

Jason Simanek/WFMS

During what many have called one of the biggest tribute events in the history of country music, legendary performer Garth Brooks salutes one of the most beloved and cherished singers with a cover of one of his songs – and a surprise ending!

Taking to Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena for a one-night-only event in 2017, a huge number of country stars joined forces to honor one of the great living legends in country music: Country Music Hall of Famer Randy Travis.

The night was filled with star-studded performances, surprises, duets, and best of all – a few precious moments of Randy Travis doing what he loves the most: singing!

When Garth Brooks’ performance came up next, nobody knew what he was going to perform, but they knew it would be good. Brooks poured his heart and love out to Randy before delivering what would be one of the best shows of the evening.

Embracing Randy Travis and his wife Mary Davis with big bear hugs, Garth told the audience, “That’s what it’s all about, right there! There isn’t anybody in country music today or the last 20 years that doesn’t owe their career to Randy Travis – I’m one of those guys.”

The event, titled A Heroes & Friends  Tribute to Randy Travis, was filled to the roof with fans and welcomed a massive number of fellow country music stars who all took turns sharing the love, respect, and admiration they have for everything Randy Travis has contributed to country music.

“I just love you to pieces, you totally saved this music, this format and anything you ever need from me, hoss – just love you to pieces,” Garth continued. “So, this is the hardest thing I believe I’ve ever done – sing one of your songs with you sitting right there….so it’s gonna suck, but it’s all love!”

And with that, Garth kicked off his dazzling tribute to the legend on his special night in music with an unforgettable rendition of “Forever And Ever, Amen” that had every single audience member singing along!

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

As Garth made his way through the song with dazzling vocals and a spirited and engaging performance, he started moving across the stage toward Randy Travis’ seat. At the very last line of the song, he surprised everyone by holding the microphone out to Randy to finish the final “Amen”.

With a brief pause from the band, Randy’s voice rang out throughout the entire stadium with resilience and a smile across his face!

Watch this beautiful moment in country music history below and let us know what you think in the comments!