Garth Brooks Reveals Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Plans


The country superstar, who so eloquently calls his wife “The Queen”, is dishing on their special Valentine’s Day plans together.

Garth Brooks hosts a live stream on his Facebook page every week called Inside Studio G, where he talks about anything and everything, and the fans love it! This week’s episode was appropriately titled “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

He started the stream by singing his hit song “Cowboys and Friends”, announcing another show for his tour stop in Philadelphia, and talking about the incredible Randy Travis tribute he was apart of.

But what was on everyone’s minds was what he was planning to do for his wife, Trisha Yearwood, for Valentine’s Day!

It’s just going to be me and her. The house is going to be quiet. It’s going to be fantastic to just enjoy some time together,” he told his fans.

“‘The Queen’ and I were just talking and she says, ‘You know everybody’s going to go out to dinner and everybody’s going to go to a movie so how about we go to dinner, and just find a movie we like here tomorrow night?'”

The “To Make You Feel My Love” singer also revealed he has a new love song in the works to dedicate to his bride.

There’s a song that Mitch Rossell and I are working on. It’s called ‘Time Doesn’t Know Your Name,‘” he said. “It’s just about a woman who gets better and better and better every day. Most people’s enemy is time. For [Trisha], and the love that I have for her, this is the first time that forever isn’t long enough. So that would be a good song to write for her.”

Brooks isn’t the only who speaks highly of his partner. Yearwood spoke with Nash Country Daily to talk about her husband, who she has been touring with for the past three years.

“We really are best friends,” she said. “We enjoy each other’s company. And I have become that sappy love song that I always hated. You know, I was always like, ‘No one’s that happy.’ And now, ‘Hi!’ Even when we’re stuck in traffic, we’re like, ‘Well, we’re together!’ I mean, that’s—that just makes you want to punch me, I know, but that’s just the way it is.”

Look like Yearwood was watching her husband’s live stream with the rest of us! “Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous!” she commented.

Watch the entire Inside Studio G live stream below.