Gator Tries To Eat Heron & Gets Eaten By Bigger Gator

@travisakers / Twitter

Travis Akers, of Jacksonville, Florida posted a video on October 19 of a mid-sized alligator becoming the meal of a larger gator after it tried to sneak up on a heron to eat it.

The video was posted to Twitter and showed a mid-sized alligator slowly stalking the big white log-legged bird next to the water’s edge.

The bird obviously wasn’t born yesterday and was fully aware of the reptile trying to sneak attack it from behind and turned around to let the gator know he was watching.

Once the gator realized it was spotted, it went from standing up on all four legs to laying on the ground on its belly, stopping its pursuit.

Little did the gator know–there was a much larger gator walking over the hill behind a bush and the mid-sized gator didn’t even see the bigger reptile coming.

The larger alligator snuck right up on the smaller gator before it had the chance to get away and with one big bite, grabbed it by its tail and started to out-wrestle it.

There was NOTHING the poor little gator could do but get dominated by the bigger one as it chomped up its body and began slowly walking toward the water to drown the creature.

The heron just watches from a distance along with another black bird that was near the water’s edge. It was a quick and brutal hunt that was over within a matter of seconds.

Watch The Video Of The Gator Eating Gator Below