George Strait Honors Famed Singer With Monumental Award And Chilling Performance

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Country music legend George Strait had a privileging moment at the 2016 Americana Music Awards when he was granted the opportunity to honor a dedicated and notable musician. Receiving the Wagoner Award for his incredible lifetime achievement, Jim Lauderdale was presented the monumental award by Strait, who had nothing but the highest of opinions and stories to tell.

Upon receiving the award, Lauderdale pulls out a crumbled piece of torn notebook paper flooded with names, telling his audience,

“I’d made a list of all, this is just people in the music industry, I wanted to thank and in order to do it I’d have to sound like one of those guys in the commercials. The disclaimer thing where they talk about everything like liver damage…” Lauderdale continues to talk extremely fast, replicating the infamous, barely understandable disclaimers we often hear on medically-related commercials, drawing laughter from the crowd. He then began to “reminisce” on stage as he humbly thanked those who have influenced him as both an artist and a man.

Upon competition of Lauderdale’s emotional speech, Strait and the Wagoner Award winner took to the microphones for a wonderful and well-performed duet of “The King Of Broken Hearts”. The two icons share a musical memory on the highly regarded stage and leave us viewers in pure awe of both the talent and star power we were able to enjoy. 

Watch the moments below!