Faith Hill Just Dropped Her Daughter Off At College, And She Couldn’t Control Her Tears

Faith Hill Facebook

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill‘s second oldest daughter, Maggie, is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. Over the course of the past few weeks, Faith and Maggie have been on a road trip across the country so that Faith could drop Maggie off for her first year of college.

Faith has done an excellent job at keeping her fans updated about her travels with Maggie, sharing photos from the stops they’ve made along the way. For example, on September 12 Faith posted a photo of the two of them chowing down on some tasty burritos when they stopped for a break in Marfa, Texas.

On Faith’s birthday on September 21, she shared a beautiful picture of their view from a stop in Pebble Beach, California. Faith said that the beauty and the spiritual nature of the place “has always made me cry like a baby.

But Faith had even more tears to shed the following day when it finally came time to drop Maggie off. Unlike previous photos from their road trip, which showed Faith and Maggie’s smiling faces, this one was directed down at the ground because, as Faith wrote, there were “way too many tears” between them. But despite the sadness she felt in leaving Maggie at college, she said that the moment also made her feel a sense of “overwhelming pride.”

We know it must be tough for Faith and Tim to see Maggie off to college, but that will just make their reunion that much sweeter when it occurs. Wishing Maggie the best of luck as she starts her freshman year!