Georgia Children Find 6ft Snake Under Their Bedside Table

Bibb County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

A family living in Bibb County, 95 miles southeast of Atlanta, called the police after they found a 6-foot snake slithering around in one of their bedrooms. The Sheriff’s Office shared the story on Facebook.

“Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement Officer Rebecca Galeazzo recently removed a six-foot Eastern Ratsnake she nicknamed ‘Big Mama’ from inside a bedroom,” they wrote in the caption.

Officer Galeazzo said when she received the call, they told her that the children originally found the snake and told their parents who then made the call.

When she first got there, she and the family looked for the snake again but could not find it anywhere and so she left.

However, later that evening, the children found the snake again under a bedside table and called Officer Galeazzo who showed back up and finally got her hands on it.

The sheriff’s office said after wrangling the non-venomous eastern rat snake, Galeazzo nicknamed the 6-foot long “docile and friendly” reptile “Big Mama.” 

The snake was taken off the property and transported to the wild unharmed where it can live out the rest of its days.

According to the University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, adult rat snakes are on average 3-5 feet in length, however, some have been reported to grow up to over six feet.

They are mostly found throughout the southeast parts of the United States as well as in most eastern and midwestern states. Their diets mainly consist of mice, rats, squirrels, birds, and bird eggs. Rat snakes are also protected in the state of Georgia, the laboratory says.

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