Get Drunk & Stuffed With Genius Deep-Fried Whisky Shots (Left)/(Right)

Drinking just got more interesting and oh so delicious! One woman got an inspiring text that not only changed her life for the better, but brought us all a little closer to Heaven on Earth. Pam Desmond of the Baltimore Post-Examiner revealed the life-altering day in which a typical Thursday transitioned into a unforgettable night of brilliant ideas and the longing for the upcoming weekend. ““Deep fried whiskey???’,” the text read, along with a glorious link!

Desmond wrote, “The link was a story referencing and testing out Oh Bite It’s recent post on deep fried tequila shots,” although this gal had some modifications in mind! She went on to explain her excitement, writing, “I mean, it’s a boozy doughnut.  It’s bourbon-flavored funnel cake.  It’s deep fried effing booze cake! That’s happening in my kitchen and then in my mouth.” We couldn’t agree more!

Making the dreaded adult decision, Desmond decided to wait until the weekend before cracking out the bourbon and channeling her inner Homer Simpson. As the awaited day arrived, she was well-prepared. Hitting her local grocery store, she purchased her ingredients and set off on a remarkable adventure that combined God’s greatest gifts aside form women: liquor and food.

Here were her incredibly simple instructions:

-Cut up angel food cake or pound cake into bite-sized cubes.

-Soak each cube in bourbon (the brand of your choice). This isn’t a light dip. Really soak that cake and allow the bourbon to completely soak through the cut up pieces.

-Deep fry until golden on all sides.

-Drain on a paper-towel lined plate.

-Sprinkle with powdered sugar and devour

Seems simple enough, right? Desmond also had a few tips to make this process as smooth and pain-free as possible. She explained that, although the angel food cake looked “prettier”, the pound cake absorbed the bourbon much nicer and contained a much stronger bourbon flavor. She added, “To maximize your booziness (because that’s what we all want, right?), I recommend slightly larger bite-sized pieces so that the inside stays somewhat wet while the outside gets golden and crispy.”

In light of everyone’s safety, Desmond also cautioned those that the deep fryer will most likely splash quite a bit due to the alcohol, suggesting the use of a deep frying basket or any alternative methods to avoid burns!

Now, for the question we’re all itching to know: Did she get drunk?

She wrote, “Weeeelll… not really.  I mean, we certainly did, but probably not from the deep fried booze cake.  We, um, had a bit of a head start already going before we began,” admitting that she didn’t feel much of an alcoholic increase upon eating the redneck delicacies.

Well, the gold lays in your hands! Are y’all gonna give it a shot?