Giddy Miranda Lambert Gushes Over Her New Husband

Twitter / IS Update, Miranda Lambert

On the verge of releasing new music, and a newly-married gal, Miranda Lambert was at her thrilling annual Mutt Nation March in Nashville when she sat down with reporters and instantly started gushing over her new man candy.

Lambert’s new husband, Brendan McLoughlin, is an NYPD officer whom she met in November and they wed just a few months later.

He came to Nashville for this event that’s very close to both of their hearts and even walked next to Miranda as she led the charge on the annual march.

As Lambert told ET Canada, “He loves all of us – as a unit!” Talking about her own menagerie of animals she has at her farm outside of Music City.

Check out her full interview below and hear her gush – with an unstoppable smile – about her new family life.