Great White Shark Leaves “Dollar-Sized” Teeth In Man’s Kayak After Biting It

photo credit: Danny McDaniel

Early in the morning near Catalina Island a kayaker floated right into the jaws of a massive great white shark that chomped down and attacked the kayak he was in.

photo credit: Danny McDaniel

How The Shark Attack Started

Danny McDaniel, the man who got attacked was with his friend Jon Chamers as they were kayaking about two miles east of Catalina Island when it happened. They were floating above a popular diving site called Ship Rock.

“Felt push to the left, looked to right, giant great white shark a foot from my boot,”  Danny said. “His upper half of body was out of the water, his dorsal fin was out of the water.”

The men were initially there to get ready for a scuba diving trip later that evening called Power Scuba, a program that gets people together to go scuba diving in groups.

photo credit: Danny McDaniel

Shark Leaves Behind Two Massive Teeth

According to Danny, the shark chomped down on his kayak hard and had its massive mouth just inches away from his foot. His friend Jon looked over in shock and couldn’t help but yell, “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap”  

Danny said he “saw a giant, triangular, conical-shaped head right there and a huge body. Just a massive body.”

The shark stayed clamped down to the kayak for an extremely long five seconds and eventually let go and swam away. However, it left behind two massive teeth and a few puncture holes in the kayak.

photo credit: Danny McDaniel

They guys kept their paddles out of the water and didn’t move for a while after it went away. Once they figured it swam off they bravely continued their scuba preparation and despite the close encounter, both men dived later that Saturday evening.

“I think I’ve had my fill of great white sharks; I’m good. But I’m fortunate to have this experience.” Danny said, “won’t keep me out of the water, won’t scare me out of the water.”