Guy Uses Bear Spray On Man After He Punches His Car Mirror Off During Road Rage Incident

4leggers / Facebook

In Southbury, Connecticut, officers were called to Old Waterbury Road around 11am on Thursday (Feb. 20) to deal with a situation of two men who got in a fight and one sprayed the other with bear spray.

Allegedly, 67-year-old Southbury resident Charles R. Weise was standing on the road with one of his friends when 27-year-old Jesse M. Zehall drove past them. Charles hauled off and punched Jesse’s mirror off his car for driving too close. Jesse got so pissed off he sprayed both Charles and his friend with bear spray, temporarily blinding the men.

Once Charles could see well enough to dial 9-1-1, he did. Police arrived on the scene to see both the men struggling from the spray attack and they filed a police report on what happened. The same time that was going on, Jesse drove to the police station and reported himself for spraying the men.

Jesse said he drove past the men several times and had verbal altercations with them each time. He reported that on the third time he drove past Charles punched his mirror off his car and that’s when Jesse sprayed Charles. His buddy, unfortunately, happened to be standing too close when it happened and got sprayed too.

Both men got arrested that day and Jesse was charged with two counts of third-degree assault and one count of second-degree breach of peace. Charles was charged with second-degree breach of peace as well as third-degree criminal mischief. Jesse was released from jail on a $1000 bond and Charles was released on a $500 bond. Jesse is expected to appear in front of the Superior Court in Waterbury on March 5th while Charles will appear on March 3rd.

Below Is A Compilation Video Of People Getting Bear Sprayed